Ingenium: A Speculative Fiction on Human Evolution

Ingenium : Speculative Fiction on Human Evolution book cover

Ian Cockburn, a British national and a professor of philosophy arrives in India to claim back his family’s presumably forgotten tea estate property. Once in the country, he is taken aback by the eccentricities of a city’s chaotic traffic, an indiscreet chauffeur’s tale, a psychopath and an incredulous invention that has potential to change the lives of humanity forever.

Within a suspenseful and a humorous plot various theories on progress, ideologies, natural selection and controversial history are discussed among the characters in an elaborate fashion.

“….What if I tell you, knowledge is what we already have within us…. Whatever we acquire through experience, books, learning and thinking is just ignorance. We just learn to ignore what is not true. However, when you know you cannot ever find the exact truth of reality, doesn’t it mean, we need to learn more ignorance?……”

“….Through pressure and tests is how a child gets disciplined right, Mr Cockburn?” asked Ganesh who was still criticizing himself for not being the child his parents fantasized.

“……No, that is how a child will learn to repress his emotions and will learn to become aggressive and corrupt in his later life. Which will eventually make him suffer from guilt and self-punishing acts throughout his life. Discipline, compliance and good behavior will come through studying various philosophies and ideals. That is why I told you it should be a basic requirement for every person….”

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Why I Wrote Ingenium?

Ingenium: Speculative Fiction on Human Evolution

In a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and heavily populated country, things are not predestined to be orderly. The fundamental anarchist ideology of India inspired me write a book on the reasons lurking behind the suffering chaotic society by following such principles. At one point I thought I will sell the book as a non-fiction, because the conversation between Ganesh and Ian Cockburn discussing the problems of the country and Ian’s philosophical solutions for the same became too lengthy to keep a light reader or a foreign reader interested. However, I edited it many times and shortened it as much as my conscience allowed me to and sold it as a fiction, because I needed to question the meaning of existence as a whole and question Ian’s theory itself.

Some of the ideas explained in the novel are based on psychoanalysis, quantum mechanics and Indian philosophy – The fields of study, I feel, is all humanity needs to study to determine the ever eluding truth of reality. Some of the explanations may appear silly to again a light reader, but on a deeper thought some may realize our existence is just as simple as that and yet so complicated.

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